Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Conference T-Shirt lovers

For those who can't make the conference, you have two choices.
1. You can purchase any leftover t-shirt after the conference. (However please note not many were made [also note: they were made by volunteers who also donated the work, the printing, the time and effort, and the batch of t-shirts to the ACS as a way for us to generate the money to do this conference] so they may run out during the conference.)

2. If you email me before the conference (by Aug. 5th, 10PM) (note contact info at left), I will pick one up for you when I arrive (when they should still be available) and ship it to you after the conference if you agree to pay for the t-shirt and shipping. Please indicate Mens M, L or XL.
As of this moment, I do not know the price or how much shipping will be, so you will have to agree on faith to a fair amount, not knowing exactly what that amount will be. But other than the shipping, you will be helping out the ACS by your purchase.

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