Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chesterton Reviewed in a French weekly magazine

Les Amis de Chesterton’s July 21 blog post alerts us to a review published this week in Minute, a French weekly magazine. Critic Joel Prieur finds an “anthropological framework for reform” i.e. Distributism in Outline that other French reviewers missed. Probably because they are unfamiliar with GKC’s The Everlasting Man and Virgil.
Happy is he who is capable of knowing the reasons for all things, according to Virgil. Undoubtedly the reason GKC thinks of him when refuting De Rougemont’s assertion that church spires were phallic symbols.
5 stars to this blog – its author gave the French speaking world fabulous daily news on the 7-11 Chesterton conference at Oxford!

Translated for us by Barb.

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