Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Logical Chestertonian

The Logical Chestertonian
[cf CW10:451-2 and The Flying Inn]

You will find me reading books
In the oddest kind of nooks,
All from a far-off age some call Devonian;
Each one penned by GKC
He's the author fit for me!
Because I am a rigid Chestertonian.

Once I did not like to read
Full of boredom, sloth and greed
Yet I moaned a cry for help quite Macedonian. [See Acts 16:9]
Then I found a book by Dale -
Now I feast on beef and ale
While reading all the books called Chestertonian.

From the darkness into light [See GKC 650]
All the Heretics I fight
From the modern "Darwin" age to Babylonian:
This "Common Man" is Orthodox
Father Brown - yeah! "Thursday" rocks!
For I "lightly" call myself a Chestertonian. [See CW1:325]

Thus I fled from all the fog
And I got myself a blogg
And wrote - like St. Paul to the Thessalonians...
And then, I must confess
I did find the ACS
And a lot of very jolly Chestertonians!

So I went to ChesterCon,
Laughed at Belloc's "To a Don",
Heard talks - some provoking, some halcyonian;
Buying books and eating cheese,
Petta wine is sure to please
The ChesterCon-attending Chestertonian!

So come join us one and all
(Yes, the Universe is small [See CW1:267]
Though you measure it like Einstein, or Newtonian)
Join the ever-growing clan -
Be like us, a GK fan
It's great to be a G-K-Chestertonian!

[Finished Oct 11 2006. From Poems in the Key of "G", an uncollected collection by Dr. Thursday.]


  1. Excellently fun! Good work, Dr. T.

  2. wonderful!!

    btw, you two, I plug this blog and your individual blogs in the next issue's Trifles. :-)

  3. Rex Harrison would do that very well, ain'a?

  4. ....OR, it could be read with meaning by Gunga Din...

  5. Set it to music and sing it at the next banquet! Key of G?

  6. "Though you measure it like Einstein, or Newtonian:"

    Maybe would sound better as Though your view of it's Einsteinian or Newtonian? Doesn't sound quite as clunky. Maybe "Though Professor Einstein's made you ex-Newtonian?"

    Newtonian's a word you don't see in much poetry, come to think of it.

    Sort of like that Japanese rock song that has the word "telomeres". As in the part of a DNA strand.

  7. It occurs to me that the nitpicker who lives in my head latched onto the one line that jarred a little, and I forgot to praise. I'm impressed and pleased that you wrote a (is parody the word?) of "Vegetarian Drinking Song". Flying Inn wins the prize for most quotable Chesterton book, just because of all those poems. Or rather songs--if you can't figure out the tune to those lyrics, you don't speak English.

    Are the other poems in this as-yet-unpublished collection parodies (or whatever the word is), or is it a mix of them and your own stuff?

  8. I definately don't consider myself a regular blogger, but I read this poem in Gilbert Magazine and found it not unlike my own poem I wrote about GKC. Though mine is not nearly as clever and its only publication is on my facebook profile.

    A Poem in honor of G. K. Chesterton:

    I am a Chestertonian.
    That means I like to read.

    I am a Chestertonian.
    That means it's words I need.

    I am a Chestertonian.
    I belong to common sense.

    I am a Chestertonian.
    I cannot listen to non-sense.

    That is to say my heart is sympathetic,
    to the ignorant whose words are so pathetic.

    If only they could listen to my friend G.K.
    Then all I know would be O.K.


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