Friday, October 13, 2006

Fr. Schall's new book

James Schall is a columnist for Gilbert magazine, and he has a new book out.

From ISI:
In The Life of the Mind, Georgetown University’s James V. Schall takes up the task of reminding us that, as human beings, we naturally take a special delight and pleasure in simply knowing. Because we have not only bodies but also minds, we are built to know what is. In this volume, Schall, author of On the Unseriousness of Human Affairs among many other volumes of philosophical and political reflection, discusses the various ways of approaching the delight of thinking and the way that this delight begins in seeing and hearing and even in making and walking. We must be attentive to and cultivate the needs of the mind, argues Schall, for it is through our intellect that all that is not ourselves is finally returned to us, allowing us to live in the light of truth.


  1. I just started reading this book the other day. A friend gave me a copy. It is worth the read. Perhaps it should be required reading for every undergraduate.

  2. The other work by FrSchall which I found indispensable was "Another Sort of Learning."

    In. Dis. Pens. Able.


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