Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gilbert Magazine Conference Issue

My conference issue arrived yesterday, so I read it cover to cover last night. Shew! What fun it was to relive the memories of ChesterCon2006!

One of the highlights of the '06 conference was getting to meet and talk with Geir Hasnes, a warm and wonderful guy from Norway who, among other things, is creating a bibliography of all of Chesterton's work. The picture in the Gilbert issue, "Was Chesterton fat?" reminded me of that point in Geir's talk, where we didn't really quite know if he was joking or not. Geir had made quite a few jokes in his talk, and he is a funny guy, but there is a slight language barrier, with English not being his first language, and so for a few moments, I wasn't sure if he was serious about wanting to dispute the fact that Chesterton was fat. However, he was serious!--and convinced me that Chesterton really was not fat!


  1. *twiddling thumbs waiting for my issue to arrive*

  2. *gazes into crystal ball* I think it will arrive in today's mail. I usually get mine last....

  3. "still twiddlin' thumbs..." *sigh*

  4. We got ours too!!!!!!! yay!!!!!! Oh but I'm so sad that I didn't get to see the play ):
    Oh and I absolutley LOVED the clerihews!!!!!!!

  5. You all will be happy to know that the next issue is now in the proofing stage.

  6. YEAH!!! I finally got my copy of my first issue of Gilbert yesterday!

    *doing my groovy dance*


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