Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Apostle of Common Sense III

I recently had the opportunity to view some episodes of Apostle of Common Sense III (and when I get some time, I'll watch them all).

One thing that caught my eye, was right in the introductory material. I caught a little glimpse of a movie of G.K.Chesterton. It was the first time in my life that I had seen him actually move, and, well, it was cool. He seemed more alive somehow, then ever before. I'd heard his voice on a tape recording, but never seen a magical moving picture of him.

I thought how cool that would be to find it on the web somewhere, but I don't think it's available. If the person who owns it could, they could post it on You Tube, a sort of self-publishing video place.

Now, I'm sure there are bad things on You Tube, so use your best judgement. But I did find some funny Chestertonian stuff on it.

For example:
Here is a home video of someone who visited G.K.Chesterton's gravesite, and talks about it in another language.

Here (or just click on the play button above) is a familiar voice, of a guy who recites By the Babe Unborn, while we mesmerizingly watch a little baby swinging back and forth in a baby swing. Highly unusual.

Here is a theater company that puts on a play about Chesterton,and would like the world to know about it.

So, use caution, and enjoy. Oh, and if anybody wants to put up some video of Chesterton himself, I would watch.

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  1. Ok, you've GOT to watch the video with the baby. The guy just sounds so familiar, but I can't place his voice, anyone know who he is?


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