Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What have you done lately to promote Chesterton?

The ACS exists to promote Chesterton. YOU are the ACS. Together, we try to figure out ways to promote the work of one of our favorite journalists.

Ways to help: Become a member of the ACS. Give gift subscriptions to Gilbert for Christmas. Read Chesterton. Quote Chesterton. Try to obtain a Chestertonian way of thinking and responding to the arguments of the day. Use logic and reason and a heavy dose of humor. Start a Chesterton Society in your local area. (Anyone want to form one half way between Milwaukee and Chicago?) Join a local Chesterton Society in your area. Attend the annual Chesterton meeting this coming August in Seattle. Watch the EWTN shows of The Apostle of Common Sense. Order the DVDs for your family and friends. Invite people to your house and have discussions and debates along with the steak and potatoes, cigars and wine.

If you are a student, ask your teachers to teach Chesterton. When you write a paper, quote Chesterton. When pondering a moral or ethical situation, read Chesterton.

What am I doing? I'm currently working on my second childrens adaptation of Father Brown mysteries. After that...oh ho! A writing project for homeschoolers and high schoolers using the work of Chesterton to help students learn to write. After that...another adaptation, but not Father Brown...

What are you doing? Any interesting ways of promoting Chesterton? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Well, I have a LiveJournal, and when I have nothing else to write, I just simply post passages from Chesterton....(strange how that seems to have been almost every day for quite a while now. lol.)

    I know I need to be more original and write stuff myself, but if I am going to simply quote someone else, who better to quote? :-)

    If nothing else, my LJ friends know more and more about Chesterton (most of whom had never heard of him before we became friends).

    BTW, thank-you for this blog!


  2. When I was cantoring for our church about a year ago I was asked if I'd be interested in giving a brief interview. I couldn't resist mentioning Chesterton, and afterwards I got several questions about him from one of our priests and several of our parishioners. :P

    Mostly I'm caught reading a book by Chesterton and asked questions. Occasionally I'll lend out our Apostle of Common Sense videos to those interested. And once in a while I'm asked the source of that brilliant quote or poem I just issued. ;)

    And I constantly talk about Chesterton on my blog (and in life). Like Mike, when I have nothing to say, I let Chesterton do the talking.

    Oh, and I'm a member of the Chesterteens! I'm not extraordinarily active, but I do enjoy being a part of that group of young Chesterton enthusiasts.

  3. I walked up the stairs backwards one day. Then I decided that it would not be a good idea to unnecessarily break the conventions when it might break my head too :(. I composed a musical setting of Michael Moon's marriage proposal too.

  4. Hello,

    I wrote an article for the Stillwater Catholic Worker describing my adventure at the Chesterton Conference this year.

    I'm going back to lurking now.

  5. Mike and Clare and OFL - very cool stuff - thanks for telling us.

    Dave - is that Stillwater as in Minnesota - where the famous Weaver's - er excuse me, I mean the famous Loome Bookstore is located? (Sorry for that little slip into fiction; I have authoritis.) I like that town a lot.

    And please don't lurk... let us know what's going on, or what questions you have, or comments. That's why we're here, trying to continue a Chestertonian way of life.

  6. Why yes it is Stillwater as in Minnesota, home of Loome Theological Bookstore.

    I am intimidated with posting here since there are so many intelligent people writing for this blog. I learn something new most of the time reading it and I'm constantly reminded to strive to be a complete thinker.

  7. I edit a magazinedevoted to Chesterson. Does that count? ;)

  8. Wow, you guys are all awesome! I love hearing all this good news about Chesterton and one by one, we get the word out that this is a great writer who teaches you, in this modern mind-free world, how to think.

    Keep it up! Yeah, us!

  9. How many people does it take to be called a society?

  10. Probably as few as two, as long as you're meeting in public and invite others to attend, don't you think?

    There is a link on the Local Societies page on the chesteron.org page that tells you how to start up a local group. Go for it!

  11. I recommend Chesterton books to my high school students for book reports. I've got one who is quite enthusiastic at the prospect of reading The Ball and the Cross! Though probably he was not excited as I was, because I knew, as he did not, the enjoyment that is before him.

    I am so put out about the Chesterton Conference ... it's in my hometown. Any other year I would have gone to it -- but this June I stop being a Seattlite and become a Philadelphian by marriage, and I don't see how I could manage coming, so I think the wonderful party will have to start without me. :(


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