Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Facebook and Chesterton

Here is an amazing fact: Chesterton has over 3,600 fans on Facebook! Isn't that an incredible number?

This is a screen shot of the Chesterton page. I am just awed by the numbers. And Facebook is mainly high school and college.

H/T: Mike, thanks!


  1. Oooh, thanks. I searched Chesterton on Facebook, and low and behold, my name was the second hit! All I did was quote him!

  2. It's my understanding that the average age of a Facebook member is now in the 30s. Either those high schoolers have grown up or Facebook is trying to grow up by attracting a business & professional crowd . . . which I came to doubt during my own short-lived membership on Facebook.

    Still, it's nice to have the grown up GKC for so many people to "friend."

  3. I recently joined Facebook to be in the loop for an upcoming high school reunion. Glad to see I can meet Chestertonians there, too!

  4. Facebook is mainly high school and college.

    And at least one GKC magazine editor in his 40s! :)

    Yes, I'm there. Any of you who are members, send me friend requests.

  5. If anyone out there is interesting in doing some volunteer work with Facebook for the ACS, please contact me. My email is listed in the sidebar on the left.


  6. I just joined Facebook, as a result of this blog item. I'm 64. Should help in raising the average age! (eventually) I hope to identify more Chestertonians via Facebook and work on starting a local society here in Southern Ohio.

  7. I think we are all becoming so overly "connected" without actually connecting in today's society. From MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Classmates, Reunion, Linked In, Blogger, WordPress, e-mail, text messaging, AIM, Twitter, Blackberries, cell phones, iPhones, yada yada yada yada...

    How about a little face-to-face interaction (and I ain't talkin' 'bout video conferencing).


    Yeah, I'm "connected" with about half of the above list, including Facebook. (Guilty, as charged!)

    I'll "friend" you, Sean.

    P.S. I'm planning on going to my first ACS Conference in Seattle this summer!!! (woo-hoo!)

  8. Trub: I totally agree with you here, buddy. That's why local Chesterton societies are really, really important.

    But I do think Facebook, etc., is where young people are (and older youngsters, too) and if we can connect there, we can encourage them to come to the local groups, or form a local group, or come to the conference, etc.

    I'm hoping to get to Seattle, so I hope we'll meet face to face then.

  9. Do you know if there are any local groups in the Ventura County area of southern California (between Santa Barbara & L.A. counties)?

  10. There is one *IN* Santa Barbara,

    Check on this page. It might be too far for you, but in that case, you have the perfect excuse to start up a new group (See How to start a local society on the same page above).

  11. Yeah, Facebook is a rather shallow form of connection- but before we broo-ha the whole thing here is a thought: I had no clue anyone else near my age had ever even heard of GKC! That group/fan page has helped by revealing- there are others with some (un)common common sense!


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