Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Blog!

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the 3rd anniversary of the American Chesterton Society Blog.

Our current stats: We've had over one hundred thousand visitors. We have an average of over 120 unique visitors a day (although you'd never guess that from the number of comments. A lot of you are lurkers...come join the conversation! Ask us a question! Tell us something interesting about yourself and Chesterton.)

We have 80-100 new visitors every day, and 30-50 returning readers a day.

We have eight "followers"--faithful readers who use Blogger to keep track of their blogs. There are other ways to follow this blog, but I don't follow them.

The vast majority of our readers are in North America and Europe, with a few in India and southeast Asia. We get occasional readers from all over the globe.

We've had over a thousand posts, mostly made by me, and joined weekly by the amazing Dr. Thursday.

FYI: I, Nancy C. Brown, am editor of this blog for the American Chesterton Society. Contrary to some opinions, I've been given full control over the content of the blog. If your comments are occasionally edited or deleted, I'm responsible. If you have complaints, the buck stops here, with me. This blog, like any other blog, is not an exercise in "free speech" per se. We do expect people to be polite and use their God-given powers of reason. However, that said, the most common thing I delete is some sort of spam, lately involving the cessation of smoking. Apparently some poor laborer is tasked to search out smoking references in blogs and then put a certain link in the comments of that post. Poor things.

So, cigars? Wine? Cheese? Cake? Yes! Let's have a party. 3rd anniversaries don't roll around every day. *Cheers* Here's to the American Chesterton Society!


  1. What a great privelege to have your blog's anniversary on the feast of the Immaculate conception! Just make sure that your wine, cheese, and cake are white. (I'll pass on the cigars, for then my teeth won't be white.)

  2. Well of course they are white - it's because of that White Post thing as you noted last week, OFL!

    Also, it's a solemnity today, so any advent disciplines you may have chosen are suspended. If the Church celebrates (with Te Deum and Gloria, and - er - white vestments!) who are we to forbid festivity? Hee hee.

    Incidentally, Nancy won't mind if I add my own gratitude for our readers... it's good to know there are other nephews and nieces of Uncle Gilbert and Aunt Frances -joining us from all over the world.

    Paradoxically yours,
    Dr. Thursday

  3. Congratulations, and thanks for everything! A toast to all the blog contributors, the readers, and to our dear Uncle Gilbert and Aunt Frances is definitely called for.

  4. Being a new reader of your blog, I appreciate the invitation to post comments and look forward to reading more about Chesterton.

  5. Thanks.
    The Chesterton Blog, like an occasional Michelob, makes me happy.

  6. Thank you so much for this blog. It has been of great help and joy to me.

  7. I cannot stress enough the good work of ACS and the ACS blog.

    All of you are always in my prayers...and in my toasts.

  8. Congratulations!

    I have never made a comment on this blog, but I try to make sure I visit every day it seems. I have learned quite a bit from it. :-)

    Thank-you for this wonderful blog!


  9. Ahem. This blog started in 2006. That makes this the SECOND anniversary, not the third. You are starting your third year.

    Carry on.

  10. Ahem, this blog started in 2005, that makes it the third anniversary.

    I think I might know, since I started this thing up ;-)

    Carry on.


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