Monday, December 10, 2007

Fun and Games--Happy 2nd Anniversary ACS Blog!

Our second anniversary was on Saturday, December 8th, but, being the busy mother that I am, I forgot until today.

If you are interested in seeing our first post, read here. And our 1st anniversary post is here.

For our 2nd anniversary, I propose some fun and games. Prizes will be awarded when we can think of a good prize.

1. Create a good clerihew of either:
a) Father Brown
b) Gabriel Syme
c) Innocent Smith
d) Hudge and Gudge
e) Monsier Flambeau
f) Chesterton himself
g) Frances Blogg
h) Dale Ahlquist

Any and all clerihews/triolets/ballads may or may not be submitted to Gilbert magazine, depending on their ability to make us laugh.

2. Compose an anniversary triolet

3. Compose a Ballad of the 2nd Anniversary

4. Make sure to have a picnic on the floor or lunch on the roof, depending on the climate where you live. And even though the anniversary is officially past, you may have the picnic in honor of us anyway. Do it today!

5. Has there been a memorable post here that you easily recall, that had some sort of impact on you (good or bad)? Something particularly meaningful, or particularly funny? Let us know about it.

6. Who can name the two bits of produce that Chesterton's likeness has been reproduced on and reported on here on this blog?

Happy Anniversary!


  1. Gabriel Syme
    Once made a rhyme
    Of his name
    With same

    (Joe in TX)

    "I shall approach. Before taking off his hat, I shall take off my own. I shall say, 'The Marquis de Saint Eustache, I believe.' He will say, 'The celebrated Mr. Syme, I presume.' He will say in the most exquisite French, 'How are you?' I shall reply in the most exquisite Cockney, 'Oh, just the Syme--' "

    (GKC in TMWWT)

  2. Joe: An excellent and most worthy first entry! *clink* glasses raised all around

  3. Here you go - just off the cuff, and for our anniverary's sake...

    The husband of poor Frances Blogg
    Was lost in Market Harborough's fog.
    He wired her "Where ought I to be?"
    She replied, "Home dear, with me."

    The wise and innocent Father Brown
    Walked incredulously through London town
    When did he know
    That he walked with Flambeau?

    Monsieur Flambeau
    Wherever he'd go
    Father Brown held a thread
    Thus from crime he was led.

    Hudge and Gudge
    Wanted some fudge:
    One by relaxing,
    The other by taxing.

    Innocent Smith
    From kin and kith
    Began to roam
    Round the world seeking home.

    The poet Gabriel Syme
    Found his moment in time
    When the anarchist curs say
    He'd have to be Thursday.

    Mister Gilbert Chesterton
    Preferred a rainy day to sun.
    Hot water too, he found quite keen:
    He liked being in it, it keeps one clean. [ILN March 10 1906]

    At lunch a hungry Dale Ahlquist
    Found himself both ham- and swiss-ed.
    He said "I'm sorry but I fear
    I ordered bacon with my beer."

    Sorry I don't even have time for a ballade.

    Happy belated twice-around-the-sun to the ACS blogg and all the bloggers of the E-cosmos!!!

    --Dr. Thursday

  4. Thanks, Dr. Thursday, for your poetry and your contributions to the blog on Thursdays.

    Great Clerihews!

  5. The detective Gabriel Syme
    Was the poet of reason and rhyme
    His constant sense of the comic
    Carried him through the dangerous and the ironic.

    What fun! Okay, I gotta go eat on the floor(:

  6. Awesome Ria! Maybe do ones for all the characters?

    Here's one I didn't include in the other collection:

    ACS bloggmistress Nancy Brown
    Quotes GKC to invert your frown
    As Uncle Gilbert loved a Blogg rightly,
    Her stars can fly for she takes herself lightly.

    If she has to retaliate in kind, it will be interesting: I've had a tough time rhyming "Thursday".

    And my real name rhymes with "orange" so there is no hope there either. Hee hee.

    --Dr. Thursday

  7. Dr. Thursday
    Prefers they
    Not proclaim
    His real name

    (Joe in TX)

  8. The Orange

    Rudy Giuliani
    and Peter Floriani
    are linked in verse.
    It could be worse.

  9. Oh, him? Who hasn't heard him at a conference, laughing!

    But I have one for him, too:

    Dr. Peter Floriani
    Has a laugh that's most uncanny
    He says he's having as much fun
    As did G. K. Chesterton.

    What a kook. People say that we look somewhat alike, too, but they've never seen us together to compare. Ask Nancy if you don't believe me.

    --Dr. Thursday

  10. Invoking Nancy (no last name)
    is pretty lame.
    Your identity is there for all to see.
    Hee. Hee. Hee.

  11. Dale Ahlquist

    Creates literary bliss

    His friends and family never did surmise

    He would come up with such a surprise. ;-)


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