Saturday, December 08, 2007

Update to Prayer Request

Thanks for the continued prayers. The individual in question has told us that the interview yesterday went well, though for the present must await further indications, but is also most grateful for our prayers and suggestions.

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  1. This is wonderful to hear. I'd just caution our supplicant in the use of - er - mechanical searches, having had some unpleasant experiences with such things, both employistic as well as technical (a famous one came up during my doctorate but that will be really boring to most readers here). Ahem.

    But then the best I might offer regarding such machines was written by Chesterton:

    "No machine can lie," said Father Brown, "nor can it tell the truth." [GKC, "The Mistake of the Machine" in The Wisdom of Father Brown]

    Which deep truth puts GKC with Babbage and Boole and von Neumann and Cray as a great computer scientist.

    Meanwhile, my prayers for successful searches continue.

    --Dr. Thursday


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