Tuesday, December 11, 2007

For the Love of Literature

Today, my mail included Maureen's newest book, For the Love of Literature: Teaching Core Subjects with Literature. I am very excited to finally be able to hold this book in my hand.

Truth in advertising: I helped on this book. As Maureen states in her acknowledgements, I wrote some of the book descriptions, edited and helped in various other support roles (does coffee and hugs count? I think so.) on this book. However, it is still a book in which I wholeheartedly recommend, and I would even if I hadn't worked on it.

The reason is this book is so extremely practical and helpful to homeschoolers! And there is something I never knew in my previous readings of the book: how reader-friendly, and busy-mom-friendly it is. Because running down the side of the pages are shaded areas which announce the subject matter of that section. So, if you want math books, for example, you don't even need the Table of Contents. You can just thumb right to the "Math" section and quickly find a list of books.

I can't wait to take this book to my library. I want to start using it today. There are so many good book suggestions. Obviously, some of them you'll already know about, but I guarantee you there are books in there you've never heard of, and they are terrific books. And isn't that a wonderful thing, finding new terrific books?

Speaking of books, For the Love of Literature does something else that's wonderful: because it's written by a Catholic Homeschooling Mother (of Seven!), the Oldest of Whom is Almost Ready for College (read: experienced!), you can feel assured that this list only contains GOOD books. Books you will feel safe giving your children to read.

Now, if you don't have your Christmas list made out for yourself (and you really should, otherwise you know you're just going to get another pair of fuzzy slippers again for Christmas this year) add For the Love of Literature to your list and let your family know where to buy it: here. Do it quickly, Christmas is almost here.

At $12.95, it is a real bargain (it's thick!--255 pages of books, books, books!) for the amount of helpful information it contains. Tell the family to get priority shipping so it will come in time to get it under the tree. Merry Reading!

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