Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hi-light from Geir

Sigrid Undset --Kristin Lavrenstatter--is a "good cry".


  1. It is often hard for me to judge talks directly after the conference. A year later, the significance changes.

    This was one of the most powerful presentations I have seen and heard. It will influence my reading. I looked forward to it and was rewarded.


  2. Yes, Eric, I agree. However, I immediately went out and bought the first Kristin book from St. John Fisher Forum, and began reading it on my way home.

    I wish I could describe better the talks, but this is one where, if you weren't there--or even if you were--you should buy the CDs and listen--or listen again--because there was so much there, and you can learn so much from repeated listening. The tapes will be available on the ACS web site soon, I'll let you know when.

  3. I wish that I had had the opportunity to talk to Geir. Kristin Lavransdatter is one of my favorite books, and I would have loved to have heard his take on the two different English translations of her work.

  4. Chris, post which is the better of the two translations -- or e-mail Nancy so that she can post it here on the blog -- so that people don't waste money on the substandard one.

    Geir and I are soul mates, for I cwy too at good books and good movies.

  5. The most recent, and in many critics' eyes, the better translation, is by Tina Nunnally. Penguin Classics uses her translation, and it is available online and at your better bookstores. You can buy the book in three separate volumes, but the Deluxe Edition (containing all three parts of the trilogy) is a better deal, if you don't mind holding a very thick, heavy book.

  6. The thicker and heavier, the better. Just adds to the coziness of a good book.


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