Monday, June 18, 2007

Back home...

I finished out the conference by attending the "AAA" meeting, "Ask Aidan Anything" to which he immediately told us that wasn't true, as he couldn't be asked to be married, for he already was. Aidan has a great sense of humor, I loved him. I'll talk more about him soon.

During that same time, other people attended a talk on a new Chesterton High School. I'll also tell you more about that soon.

Other people attended a wildly popular session on heraldry, given by Peter Floriani, to high acclaim. Peter has studied these things, and knows a great deal about the symbolism of heraldic shields and such.

There was a fourth session but my memory has just failed me as to what it was.

After that, there was an interesting talk on Chesterton and Marriage, and the speaker, Steve, sat at my table for dinner and was a very interesting person to talk to, despite the fact that he's a lawyer. ;-)

After that, we had Mass in the Chapel, and then the banquet.

The table I sat at, well, I would have loved for it to have about 12 more chairs, as I wanted to sit with everyone I'd met over the weekend. As it was, I sat with Peter Floriani--a PhD computer scientist, David Deavel, some sort of doctoral candidate at Fordam University who writes articles on Harry Potter with his wife, Steve the lawyer, Judy, who has a sacred art gallery in Minneapolis, and Lily, a native of South America living in River Falls, Wisconsin, who also homeschools her children and helps her husband run a family business. An eclectic group, as only Chesterton could gather.

The food was great, but then began the entertainment. First, they had a sort of band, made up of Chestertonians on the guitar, mouth harp, banjo, violin and mandolin. Most of them weren't any good. I suspect the whole thing was done just so that we could be amazed at the talents of the young violinist. She was the daughter of one of the Chestertonians (the banjo player of all things, you would think his daughter would play the dulcimer or something) and although she looked to be about 9 or 10, she could play better than any of them, and didn't appear to need the sheets music as much as the older ones, who squinted dramatically during the performance, I suppose to evoke our sympathy; which it did not. ;-)

There was a very fine reading of a new poem about cheese by Rob, a very talented, and--pay attention young female Chestertonians--handsome writer of amazingly good and funny poetry.

There were more musical things, but cell phone announced that Cinderella had to leave the ball. My children were ready to see their mother again, and be tucked into bed. So, sadly, I had to leave during the middle of it all, without saying goodbye to anyone. Hugs to everyone!

More soon.


  1. Nancy,

    Are any other ACS members allowed to post blogs on this site? I wanted to post something, but I'm not sure how. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Hi Normal Guy,
    Well, you just posted--here in the comments! I'm not sure what you mean "post blogs" on this site. If you mean write your own post, then the answer is no. If you have an idea for a post, you can e-mail it to me (address on left side bar of this blog) and I, as editor of the blog, determine if it gets posted or not.

    If, on the other hand, you already have a blog, and wish people to know about it, you may let us know the address in the comments here, or, again, you can e-mail me.

    If I haven't answered your question, feel free to try asking again.

  3. The fourth session was to be more discussion on The Man who was Thursday. I too went to Adian's session - both he and his knowledge are much too valuable gems to miss.

    As for the Cheese poem, I enjoyed that immensely - his empassioned presentation was as good as the poem itself. I hope to see it in a future edition of Gilbert! (hint, hint) - though I do disagree about peppers in cheese. :)

  4. If Rob would e-mail the poem to me, I'd be more than happy to print it in the magazine. If anyone has his contact information, please let me know.

    I had to leave early as well, Nancy, for an very tired Michael, my 7-year-old, was dropped off by the Favorites and was exhausted and filthy from yet another day of supremely enjoyable play with Vincent and Leo Favorite. :-)

  5. Yes, Nancy, I meant start my own post. I will email you something I've written and you can let me know if it's worthy of the ACS Blog.

    And I enjoyed the cheese poem, too!


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