Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Quietly and Patiently Waiting

Advent. That's what it's about, quietly and patiently waiting for the coming of Christ.

The teens at Socrates Cafe yesterday had a good discussion about Christmas, the commercialism, Santa Claus (should you do it or not? If you had kids, would you?), the gifts, trees, lights; what is Christmas all about? Is there a "war" on Christmas? Etc.

The topic that caused the longest discussion was Santa. The kids aren't that far away from believing, and being self-conscious teens now, they look back and feel a little silly that they have videos and such of themselves saying, "Look what I got from Santa!" so it was really fun to hear from them on the topic.

Oh, getting back to the title of this post, what am I waiting for? My Gilbert. I guess it's hung up in printing somewhere, no one knows exactly why. Well, maybe the printers do, but they're too busy trying to fix things to explain little delays like this. There are some things in this world are difficult to explain, like printers, the mail system, and why we wait quietly and patiently for Christ to come 2,000 years ago.


  1. it is -- finally -- in the mail.

  2. Mine came today! It looks great!

  3. Mine came yesterday, just in time to be a nice antidote to my local union's dismal "news"letter which arrived a day earlier in its cloudy wrapper with all the inspiration of an autopsy!

    Kudos to Roy Moore for featuring Mondragon, Nancy Brown for common-sensed diversity, and Chris Chan for his intro to "Two Fat Ladies"......all that I've had time to read so far.

    Gilbert is one of the great things in life. Keep up the good work!


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