Thursday, July 13, 2006

They'll believe in anything...

This is a very strange story. Related to art. And Religion. Strange.


  1. Jesus warned of false prophets. Chesterton scoffed at fads. One of his favorite targets was Christian Science, a model of orthodoxy compared to this. (Well, maybe.)

    The last sentence of this article blew me away--that's it's not about theology, it's about getting people into church. In other words, it's all about marketing effectiveness. Never mind what the results are, as long as we get results. Perhaps the meaning is, it's perfectly fine to use bad means to bring people to a good God. No contradiction there!

    "We are so divided at the roots, we are so separated at the very starting-places of thought, that a religion can no longer be a hobby. A religion must be something either holy or horrible." (GKC, ILN, 9/13/13)

  2. LarkNews is a satiric site in the style of The Onion, though they satirize Evangelical Christianity rather than everything. Mr. Kinkade (or, rather, the slavish devotion to his paintings) is a frequent target.

    Going to their main page would be a good idea for you, I think. ;)

  3. Right you are! How could I miss that DISCLAIMER link at the bottom of the article?

  4. *blushes*

    Thanks for the head's up, Furor.

  5. Well, you're welcome. At the very least, you've found a delightful diversion to flutter away your hours.


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