Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Link

Over on the left there in the sidebar is a new link for questions, concerns, comments or problems with your Gilbert magazine subscriptions.

I've just been in communication with the head of subscriptions and there had been a temporary lack of renewal notices being sent out, however, there will be a renewal of the renewal notices being sent out this week. Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and your continuing support of Gilbert magazine and the ACS.

And might I suggest, the three year subscription (while you are there, just go ahead and make a tax deductible contribution, it's right on the same page) makes it so handy to just ensure that you'll get Gilbert for a long, long time, and won't miss a single Flying Stars column, a...ahem....I mean issue. So just go ahead and treat yourself to the three years. You can do it right now, even if your subscription isn't about to expire. That way you won't have to get that renewal notice. Sneaky, aren't we? :-)


  1. Now there is true distributism in action. The consumer lodges a valid complaint and they get action from the company concerned. Kudos to you! If I'd complained to some companies they would have told me how stupid I was not to read the mailing label, or how disorganized I was not to know when the subscription was due to expire. I knew I could count on Chestertonians for better than that. Sighs of relief all around.

  2. To be perfectly honest liz, we just want your money. ;-)

  3. Ah, and here I thought my small voice was actually making a difference! Actually I'll gladly give you my money for the opportunity to keep Gilbert arriving in my mailbox on a regular basis. I've cut back on magazines (even good ones) in the past few years because we simply couldn't afford so many. Gilbert and Star are among the few survivors on the list. I ditched This Rock and Envoy in favor of you guys. Aren't you pleased??

  4. Yes. We are pleased. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Envoy is kind of kaput, and This Rock can be read on-line (back issues anyway).

    But Gilbert, you must have in the flesh.

    Thanks for the kind comments, Liz.

  5. I ditched This Rock and Envoy in favor of you guys. Aren't you pleased??

    Indeed, you bring tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you! :-D

  6. The renewal notice finally came today. Of course I already renewed last week, and already got my June edition of Gilbert. Aren't computerized systems wonderful....


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