Friday, February 10, 2006

Welcome (Again)

I know we were mentioned in the latest Gilbert Magazine and that has brought some new blog commenters here, welcome everyone. In addition, we are finally officially linked from the ACS web page (although not on the main page, ah-hem!, which I think we should be, however that is a quibble I have with certain web page handlers or whatever they call themselves). At least we are here on the Links page.

If you ever need the main American Chesterton Society page, there is a permanent link over there <-- on the left. Also, if you need translations into German, Italian, Spanish or French, the buttons over there do translate the whole blog, tell your foreign Chesterton buddied about it and have them come here. We have had a fellow from Buenos Aires drop by here, which was very fun.

Let's see, also if you ever need to e-mail me, I'm listed there, too, on the left. I moderate this whole thing, but I also have a family, homeschool my kids, and am artist assistant to my artist husband, so I can't be here every minute of the day. If something funny is going on (or there's spam I haven't noticed) please let me know.

In addition, we keep the Lord's Day a family day at our house by not using our computer, so that is the explanation of Sean's "six days a week" comment in Gilbert. You all can still talk here, there just won't be a new post on Sunday.

I subscribe to the "Welborn" blog protocol, that if you comment or e-mail me, your comments or e-mail may show up in a post unless you tell me specifically not to.

Again, welcome to the conversation, it's great you are here. Let's talk Chesterton!

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