Thursday, February 09, 2006

Portrait of Chesterton I've Never Seen Before

Link above, via Chesterton and Friends Blog. I love seeing new pictures of Chesterton!


  1. Thanks for the link; my favorite image of Chesterton is the photo of him stooping down to accept a gift from a little girl. I am imagine the gift was a dandelion or a clover and so much of what I think about Chesterton is summed in that exchange.

    I also like the brief footage of Chesterton speaking that leads into Dale's "Apostle of Common Sense" series on EWTN. I recently re-watched the Blatchford debate re-enactment at the beginning of "The Liberty of God" episode. What joy it must have been to see and hear Chesterton debating; if only actual recordings were available!

    Has anyone heard the recordings on the audio tape for sale at the ACS website? Perhaps next time I give away another copy of Everlasting Man I will have to include that tape in my order.

  2. There is a very scratchy recording available of Chesterton speaking, available at the ACS website. The tape for $6, contains "the only known recordings of Chesterton's voice still in existence: The first is a BBC radio broadcast of a review of some books on architecture, the second is a speech at a luncheon honoring Rudyard Kipling (and the talk is more about Canada than it is about Kipling), and the third is an excerpt from one of Chesterton's final BBC talks on 'The Spice of Life.'"

    find it at


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