Saturday, February 11, 2006

More than Meets the Eye

is the title of this month's All is Grist article, written by Joe Campbell. It is a marvelous article on "watching paint dry" from a new perspective.

I think when people normally think of "watching paint dry" they are referring to something like the side of a building (all being painted white) or the side of a wall (all being painted ecru). However, after reading Joe's article, I think I could even be interested in watching ecru dry.

What in this world isn't interesting? That's what I thought after reading this article. How about you? What'd you think?


  1. The article was very interesting. For me it brings up something that is nearly a daily occurance at our house, unless of course, we sleep in. My two-year-old and I (as we are typically the first ones up) will go out to watch what we call God's painting; the sunrise. We have a nearly full 180 degree view of the eastern 'canvas' and since sunrises in the west (western US that is) are incredibly beautiful, it makes for great viewing. Each day we ponder just who knocked over the paint can or which angel or saint or if perhaps it was our dearly departed pope John Paul II was granted the privledge of helping God paint his masterpiece. It is a painting of endless wonder for us!

  2. That's beautiful, m. What a wonderful way to start the day, and what a glorious lesson to teach your little one. Little ones are good for helping us see all the details in the world around us, even if we do have to get up early for them :-)


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