Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Song

On page 34 in the latest Gilbert is a story called "The Song" by James G. Bruen, Jr. It has been mentioned in the comments below that this story is very Chestertonian. So, what makes it so Chestertonian? I liked it because of the romance aspect, and Chesterton was very romantic, too, so I supposed that's one aspect. What else? Did you like The Song?


  1. Bruen's article "Sunday Golfer," from a previous issue, also is very good.

  2. The love Paul had for Beth in one sense reminded me of the love of the Hound of Heaven. He will go to the ends of the earth, to the utter boundries for the thing that is worth doing (albeit, he can't do it badly!)

    The other aspect of the story I noticed was the solving of the Beth's "riddle." The overall change in Paul when it finally clicked as to what to do about his plight reminds me of many great detective stories and when the slueth figures out the solution.


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