Friday, February 17, 2006

One Man Dramatic Presentation of Orthodoxy

"In November, Nathan Gibson, a senior at Kentucky Mountain Bible College, performed a one-man dramatic interpretation of Chesterton's Orthodoxy. The title of the show was The Man in the Yacht.

This from the very first pages of Gilbert, an announcement in the Tremendous Trifles column by editor Sean Dailey.

I can only assume that Nathan wrote this production himself, and that it must have been based on the first section, the story of the man who travels all around the world to discover a new land, and then, of course, discovers it is actually his homeland.

I wonder what it was like? I would have liked to have attended. And it particularly excites me that at the conference this June, the Chesteron Society has announced a production of Chesterton's play The Surprise which should be very interesting. I suppose I ought to read it between now and then, since I never have, and then it would be a complete Surprise!

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