Monday, February 08, 2010

ChesterTen Airport?

I'm starting to think about my conference travel and wondering if anyone can tell me what airport you fly in to that's near Mount St. Mary's, and after you fly in, how do you get to the college campus?

If you know, let me (and anyone else planning the same trip) in on your local secrets. Thanks.


  1. Well, as for going to the conference, coming from Texas, I determined that the best choice of airports was Reagan National in DC - by a couple of miles it is the closest, plus it seemed from my vantage point the easiest drive. Now for the drive, regardless of whether you flew in to Reagan, Dulles, or Baltimore, you are talking of a drive to the college of over 70 miles. So be prepared. Now, ther may be smaller airports for people who are more local, but I didn't have that opportunity. I hope this helps somewhat.

    Best regards

  2. Oops! Terribly sorry for the typos! Too early in the morning to blog, I guess.

  3. Nancy, I'm originally from that area and I agree with Carl that National is your best bet. Frederick (22 miles south of Emmitsburg) has a small airport, but it is for small, privately owned airplanes, not commuter travel.
    You might want to verify with Dale that National is the way to go since he's been in and out of the area (both driving and by air) numerous times.

  4. If there is any traffic in the DC area (and there almost always is) or you fly in/out at rush hour, you may find the drive from Dulles easier and shorter than that from Reagan National. Plus, depending on which route you take from National, you will encounter major road construction projects. BWI is probably easier than Reagan, too, but I'm not as familiar with the route or traffic from there. (Plus Reagan is often more expensive - discount airlines tend to favor Dulles and BWI.)

  5. The Pittsburgh International Airport is also an's about a three and a half hour car ride through beautiful Pennsylvania countyside from Pittsbugh to the Gettyburg/Emmitsburg can skip the urban traffic issues and think of it as the scenic route.


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