Saturday, February 06, 2010

Frances and Nancy

You may already know I'm doing a talk on Frances Chesterton in August at ChesterTen. Right now, I live, eat, and breathe Frances. Here are some strange coincidences about the two of us.

Frances changed her name from a B to a C. (Blogg to Chesterton)
I changed my name from a C to a B. (Carpentier to Brown)

Frances started with a one syllable B name and changed to a three syllable C name.
I changed from a three syllable C name to a one syllable B name.

Frances started with a five letter name and changed to a ten letter name.
I started with a ten letter name and changed to a five letter name.

Francis is my confirmation name. Chesterton took Francis as his confirmation name. I cannot find out anywhere what Frances took as her confirmation name.

More to come.


  1. All these reverse occurrences sound kind of like the upside-down germ of paradox, a Chestertonian encouraging sign that you should proceed. I'll be interested to read what other fun things you discover.


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