Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Newsworthy Announcement

As some of you know, there are Chesterton societies that spring up locally. The Chesterton Society likes this. As on the national/international level, there are really only a few things going on: The Annual Conference, the Web site, and the Blog. Occasionally there are pilgrimages, books are published, etc. But as far as Chestertonians meeting Chestertonians and getting to know the "Big Guy" as we sometimes affectionately call Gilbert Chesterton, where it's happening on a consistent and regular basis is at the local level. Which is so Chestertonian.

Anyone anywhere can start up a Chesterton society. There may even be one in your city already, but maybe it's on the west side, and you could start one on the east side. If you don't have a society, it is easy to start one up, you can find the directions for such an endeavor here.

Now I want to tell you about a unique Chesterton society, one that has only just started up and had their first meeting. Maybe I should let Joe tell you about it. Joe?
I wanted to inform you that the newly established Chesterton Society here at Saint Charles Seminary is off to a great start. We had a great turnout for our first meeting. Adding those interested who were unable to attend the meeting, it looks like our membership will level off at about 26 men - that's 15% of the student body! For our next meeting in December, we're reading "The Blue Cross,"The Wise Men," and "A Christmas Carol."

I was elected the Society president, and two other fanatical types were elected to our offices of Secretary and Vice-President. One thing is certain, that our group will not suffer from lack of enthusiasm on the part of its leaders.

...We will be praying for the mission of the ACS at the beginning of each meeting....


PS: Since the meetings are in-house at the Seminary, we're not an "open" society really and can only take enrolled students as members. If any St. Charles students are reading this, please come to the next meeting!
Joe came to the last conference, and you can see his picture and read a very readable report on the event here. I think it is particularly amazing and wonderful that a young group of future priests are reading and discussing Chesterton together, and I think we should all pray for this group, as they are praying for us. Together, we will help people turn to Christ.

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