Thursday, August 05, 2010

David Zach: Futurist

David Zach spoke about the Mistake about Technology
A Great Many Clever Things: the Mistakes about Technology

Neal Stephenson author The Diamond Age book David recommends.

Cell phones are tools of disconnection, we don’t talk to new people or strangers like we did before. We are afraid of strangers today. WE use cell phones to connect with people we know.

Teens prefer texting to face to face communication.

If you work on a computer, research shows, you touch your computer more than anything else you touch in your life.

The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr multitasking makes everything a distraction.

Distracted, by Maggie Jackson What are we doing to ourselves?

Silence is an endangered species.

If we’re afraid of silence, we’re afraid of ourselves.

The self is becoming empty because of external distractions.

Your attention is your most valuable asset.

We are distracted by the unknown future, the promise of all answers, the seduction of upgrades. We’re afraid of looking at the truth.

We don’t respect eloquence. We tweet.

The Mistake about Pandora

Worldbuilder (a movie on the internet) by Bruce Branit

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