Thursday, August 05, 2010

The conference has begun....

The conference has begun, old friends have been hugged, new friends have already met and had supper together.

Tom Martin is our opening speaker, and he is speaking on the problem of social sciences.

The good news is that although we don't have live streaming video, we do have video, and DVDs will be on sale along with the audio CDs this year. Yahoo! I think this is excellently good news.

An award will be given, a wine glass that has the inconvience is only an adventure quotation, to the person who has the most inconviences this weekend, donated by Su Morton, who had an inordinate amount of inconviences last year in Seattle.

Clerihew contest: Clerihews are due 12:59pm tomorrow, Friday.

There seems to be no wifi or internet available at this conference, so I'm not sure who will be able to read this but non-conference attendees, unless you, like me, are able to get on in the library or by another of your own private networks.

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  1. Hope it goes well, Nancy!!! Wish I could have attended . . .


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