Friday, October 02, 2009

Feel like commenting?

This from Rachel:
I thought you and the rest of the Chestertonians up there might be interested in knowing about New Leaf Theatre's upcoming performance of The Man Who Was Thursday. Here's their site.

Naturally, their dramaturg assures us we don't have to worry about being inculcated as anti-Semites.

Perhaps you or one of your crew can provide a balancing comment on the blog! He doesn't seem to know that more people than just Gopnik have written on the subject.
You are the crew! Comment away if you can. Thanks.


  1. It seems that Chesterton already commented on this accusation:

  2. I assure you, the dramaturg does know more than simply the Gobnik piece because he quotes several sources in his blog. Close reading would have disabused you of this false position. Nevertheless, considering that you are seemingly so clever, perhaps you could enlighten your audience on Chesterton's publication record in interwar Poland, his embrace of the Zwiazek Ludowo-Narodowy, and the implications of this embrace for the Second Republic and its over 3 million Jews. You can start with: Polska a bolszewizm (1920).

    --Hell Kitten


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