Friday, October 02, 2009

Check Out Podcast #5

If you click on the podcast player on the left there, you'll find a new podcast, full of interesting tidbits, and only 10 minutes long.

I'm having some issues with sound. You *can* podcast with the equipment I have and started with, but I can already see that some upgraded software and hardware would improve the situation.

I know that I personally have a hard time listening to bad sounding podcasts (sound is uneven, words cut off or mix together poorly, static or breathing sounds or pops on the ps, etc.) but I'm hoping y'all will be patient with me as I learn this.

Here are the show notes:
EWTN airs The Honour of Israel Gow -a G.K. Chesterton Father Brown mystery on Thursday October 15th 10pm EST.
Rod Bennett's house flooded, please pray. Kevin O'Brien interviewed for the next issue of Gilbert Magazine.
James O'Keefe takes down ACORN and confesses Chesterton is his homeboy.
Brazil creates a buzz by giving away free copies of ORTHODOXY.
Feedback welcome: 206-337-9049 or
Web sites:
Twitter @amchestertonsoc
EWTN can be viewed live on line in streaming video.

Today, as we drove to St. Louis, I had my ipod with me, and I was listening to some Podcasting for Dummies podcasts. I'm learning a lot, and mainly I realize that although you can start with what I've got (GarageBand and a cheap microphone) in order to serve you better and make it easier on your ears, I need a little bit more.

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