Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11 - the Specious Present

Just to help out our blogg-mistress, I am posting a link to the little story I wrote about where I was eight years ago. You'll also find out where our title's term comes from.

Incidentally, I had found a snapshot of WATCHER - it's not very good, and I had to - ah - edit out a company name, but you CAN see the American Flag in the upper right...

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  1. It is a good point, Dr. Thursday, that September 11 has become part of the specious present for Americans -- at least for many of them, like the American Revolution is, and like both should be for all Americans. Thus, the Islamist terrorists responsible for it, who were acting out of their own specious present that includes the loss at Lepanto that Chesterton memorialized in his poem of the same name, caused an effect counterproductive to their cause of altering the specious present for Americans. Of course, one can expand one's own specious present through reading.


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