Friday, July 10, 2009

Kevin O'Brien slated to do audio of Pope's new encyclical for Ignatius Press

This exciting news is hot off the presses.

H/T: Mark C.


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  2. It's actually available right now. He's a very engaging reader. Check out:

  3. Thanks for posting, Nancy. But this is so 72-hours ago. I actually finished recording the encyclical early Tuesday morning the day of its release and the audio book version was on the Ignatius Press website by late afternoon the same day.

    Even better news is that Ignatius Press is making available my reading of "Manalive". They're trying to rush it through production so we have copies to sell at the Conference.

  4. Kevin, sorry I'm so three days ago, but I just learned of it, and I was so excited to be able to put it on my new iPod and listen. Thanks for doing this! And Manalive, too, that's exciting.


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