Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Your Challenge: Write a Clerihew about the Swine Flu

Blog challenge: write a clerihew where instead of a person, we put in "swine flu" or H1N1, if you can find a rhyme for that.

Class, get to work!


  1. Can the swine flu
    beget a clerihew
    which will lyrically
    spread epidemically?

  2. About flu du swine,
    Governments whine
    Forcing prevention
    By Intervention.

  3. Herewith, my "Cleri-WHAT" (not a "Cleri-WHO", hee hee)

    A biologist suffering from swine flu
    Shrugged: "Such things are not new.
    The fit survive - that's evolution;
    If only my lab could evolve a solution."

    The pity is that I've heard that some real biologists are actually waiting for the "INTERNET" to "evolve" solutions to their problems. Wow, talk about an utter failure of science; maybe they ought to invoke phlogiston or perhaps the theory of "humours"!!! I wonder if they think the lab "evolves" their glassware... Hee hee.

  4. That pork chop that I ate
    Serves to inoculate
    Me from this porcine flu.
    Shouldn't you?

  5. H1N1?
    The hype is gone
    The fear of swine flu
    Disappeared in the blue

  6. About the Swine Flu
    There’s a hullabaloo
    To avoid being stricken
    Simply eat chicken

    by Cheri Southward, traveling with us in Hawaii

  7. Swine Flu!
    Let’s sue!
    Oh gee!
    Big fee!

    Swine Flu?
    Politicians debut
    Transport is forbidden
    But Joe Biden has ridden

    Swine Flew?
    Who new
    Common Please
    Whirled Peas

    What better to do than try to compose Clerihews while waiting to check out of our cottage and begin the return to Ohio?

  8. Dr. Richard E. Besser
    A pandemic assessor
    Said of the Swine Flu
    Try curing it with a Clerihew

    While I may think there is no better way to spend our time waiting, my cottage mates are not so inclined, the swine!

  9. Writing a clerihew
    About the Swine Flu
    Is much more easy
    Than getting diseasy

  10. I am getting sick
    Of diseases, take your pick
    That parley a simple ague
    Into an enormous full-fledged plague

  11. If you ask
    Why I wear a surgical mask
    It's because of those damn
    Sick ham.

    -Chris Chan

  12. "There's no threat from swine flu"
    Chipotle served pork, so it must be true.
    Perhaps the secret that's really big
    Is that swine flu DOESN"T COME FROM PIGS?

  13. These are great, people! I love them. They have increased the entertainment value of the blog by 58% or more.

    I think I should alert the editor of the magazine who hasn't chimed in here yet and may want these for magazine fodder.

  14. Influenza A virus subtype H1N1
    Is a danger to the world, about it something must be done
    Slaughter all the pigs
    Dine on twigs

  15. The H1N1 virus
    Is at least as old as Osiris,
    But it's been as big as Plaxico,
    Since the President went to Mexico.

  16. What's all over the media
    And on Wikipedia?
    ---That H1N1 swine flu.
    Yet I haven't got it. Have you?

    A backwards clerihew . . . for a backwards pandemic.

  17. While attending class with Mr. Chu
    I caught the disease they call Swine Flu
    I packed my fevered brow with mud,
    and coughed until I threw up blood.

  18. I contracted swine flu
    as a member of the crew
    of the Princess Dawn.
    Now I'm forlorn.

  19. You guys are amazing! The swine flu chlerihews just keep coming.

    Who would have guess they'd be so inspirational?

  20. Swine flu you say?
    Well there must be a way
    So no one else will get it
    Maybe there is a kit.


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