Monday, May 04, 2009

Chesterton on Swine Flu

I just know Chesterton would have come up with some good humorous ways to talk about swine flu. Have you heard any? Thought of any?

I can just hear him saying something like, "Apparently, I shall now have to give up the habit of kissing bovine, a habit which I had, up till now, preferred not to indulge in. However, it seems to me as though it isn't that different than kissing a frog, something which princesses have done through all the ages. As I am not a princess, however, it seems more likely that those of you so inclined shall have to give up kissing me, temporarily, I hope. Let this be a lesson to us all. Kiss with trepidation and fear, cautiously and sanitarily. The prince you kiss may turn to swine before his time." Or perhaps something better than that. Your turn.


  1. Perhaps something along these lines: Swine flew.

  2. That was fabulous Nancy! I can't match that...

  3. I did my part in combatting swine flu by cooking and eating pork chops for dinner last night, with brown rice and veggies. I even have leftovers for tonight. YUM!

  4. I am a mexican fan of chesterton. This weekend I went to my grandmother's town, which is near (40 Km) to the city of Perote. Perote is also the municipality that contains the village where the swine flu supposedly started. As you can imagine, Perote is flooded with international press reporters trying to find at least one sick person. They have not because
    1) They are in the city, not in the towns where the only 2 or three cases have been detected and cured
    2) Most cases are in Mexico city
    I'm sure our dear Chesterton would be very amused at this example of failed sensationalism.

  5. As I recall, swine flew in "Tales of the Long Bow."


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