Friday, March 06, 2009

The Subject of Cheese in Poetry

I think we can now agree that poets are no longer silent on the subject of cheese, perhaps inspired by our man Chesterton.

David Z. recently sent me a pdf file of a Chestertonian Literary Cheese Poetry Contest event which his friends hosted. This event was hosted in the grade state of Wisconsin, land of cows and therefore, cheese. You must also know that Wisconsinites are often depicted, lovingly, with a large triangular block of cheese on their heads, as a nickname for Wisconsinites is "cheeseheads", owing to the large dairy consumption in the state. The picture will give you an idea of what such a "hat" looks like.

So the grand prize of the above mentioned event was a statue of Chesterton with a slab of cheese on his head. Some of the contestants also came in this attire.

The event summary, to which I was privy, is quite good reading. And proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that poets truly are no longer silent, or even quiet, on the subject of cheese.

Beyond this, many Chestertonians have been inspired to wax eloquent on the subject, including one very moving poem, which I reported on here, Ballade Against Cheesemongery.

I almost think we are getting to the point now where we could have a book of Chestertonian-inspired Cheese Poetry, don't you?


  1. Excellent! And very Lenten-y, too for a Friday.

    I posted one some time ago, also in the Chestertonian ballade form, and I shall post another once Lent concludes and I complete my current series on Catholic scientists.

    Also, I am aware that others have done so, but I will let him post his own link, which he now knows how to do. (C'mon OFL! Told you it was easy.)

    I agree, Nancy: it's time for a book of cheese poems. I wonder if Wisconsin might collaborate?

  2. Dr. Thursday also wrote me a triolet on cheese once, too, I believe!

    I think Wisconsin will be willing ... at least one Chestertonian Wisconsinite I happen to know. :)

    Cheese, despite what anyone says, is quite poetic. Especially cheddar!


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