Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chestertonian Music

An interesting find: a very young music group with an album based on The Everlasting Man, the band's name A Hope for Home is Chestertonian, as well.

The band's description is interesting, too: Oregon-based post-hardcore band, this is the first I've heard the term "post-hardcore".

The music is hard for this oldster to listen to, but I like the effort and the idea.
There is an old saying that claims time brings change. No one would know this better than A HOPE FOR HOME, which has seen drastic change and growth since the band's inception in early 2006. What began as an emotional outlet for a group of friends during a season of loss has blossomed into a dedicated project that finds them on the road supporting their newest album. A concept record based on G.K. Chesterton's novel of the same name, "The Everlasting Man" tells the story of mankind's fall and awaiting redemption. It is A HOPE FOR HOME's second album, following 2007's "Here, The End"...


  1. If they eased up on the buzz-saw guitar and got a real vocalist they could really go places. Got love a young band who puts out an entire CD based on GKC's "The Everlasting Man", though. Very cool.

  2. Is there a link perhaps? Or am I missing it somehow?

  3. Sorry! I had a link to the title, but I apparently forgot to put a title on this post. It's there now, click on the title, and it will take you to the group.


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