Monday, July 14, 2008

American Chesterton Society Conference CDs are HERE!!!!!

Order yours NOW! Today! and Thanks! and Mark your calendars for Seattle in 2009! August 6-8th--be there!


  1. Seattle! You're going clear to the other side of the COUNTRY! Here Minnesota seemed out of range! You couldn't have chosen oh, say Chicago, or St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Rochester, or Boston???I'm not sure whether even Amtrak goes to Seattle.

    Are you turning this into the traveling conference or are you locked in to the west coast like so many other conferences? And what are you planning on doing when most of the west coast falls into the ocean, as we know it eventually must???

    Thank goodness for the Rochester Chesterton Society. At least they won't pull up stakes and move clear across the country. But once again the northeast is getting ignored. I wonder whether GKC himself ever visited New England.

  2. I wish I could've attended this year, but I was unable to get the time off.

    I'm sure ACS have thought long and hard about the move to Seattle for the conference. If they are doing so it is under serious consideraton.

  3. Seattle?.... next August?... (Trubador is hyperventilating).

    I may just attend the conference next year. Woot!

    And I'm sure the early August date is to allow those in the education industry to be able to attend, as well.

  4. I don't speak for the ACS, but as I understand it, the Conference will be held in a different venue each year starting in 2009. So, liz, the 2010 Conference may take place in one of the cities you named. (I'm hoping for Boston, myself.) No doubt there'll be some sort of official announcement soon.

  5. Looks like the conference will now include a requisite Flying Inn sign, a huge wheel of cheese and a stuffed Quoodle!

  6. Oh, Huzzah! Conference CDs!

    I'll be ordering as soon as I get paid.

    Seattle, huh? Y'all can't make this easy, can you? I understand and sympathize, though.

    liz, you think the northeast gets ignored? Try living in Arkansas!

  7. The Flying Conference! Now that sounds like an excellent idea. Who will supply the big wheel of cheese?

    We just got informed that Vermont is the least religious state in the country. So conferences have to think of us as "mission territory" and it's hard to get conference attendees in that situation. However, it's really pretty in Vermont in the fall, it's not as hot in Vermont in the summer as Steubenville, Ohio and I'll bet people would actually love to come here on vacation. Of course we'd need a local Chesterton society to do the leg work and we don't yet have one of those. Maybe someone could convince Fordham University to be more congenial than your last hosts??? However, I still think those nice people in Rochester could help you put together a great conference. But, Boston would be nice, beautiful city only a few hours away...

  8. I heart Vermont.


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