Saturday, May 17, 2008

Contributing to the Blog

OK, here's the sad news: I can't make the conference. WAAHHH! Yes, I'm crying. Now I'm over it.

The great news is, the whole thing is being recorded and put on CDs.

And as blogmistress, I think I need to get copies of these CDs in order to provide you here with good coverage and conversation about the conference talks, don't you?

Today's post is a bleg (that's a blog beg) for you to contribute to the American Chesterton Society today. Please give generously, and specify that your contribution is to go to the BLOG. (Besides getting me those CDs, it will really surprise Dale Ahlquist) That's this, what you're reading right now. If you'd like coverage of the conference (and I'll be linking to my favorite live-bloggers, too), conversations about Orthodoxy and the other topics covered at the conference, please take a moment and help out the ACS now.

Thanks are the highest form of praise, and we thank you for being here.

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  1. Once AGAIN I have to be satisfied with the CD's as well. Thankfully the Rochester Chesterton Society has a conference that's closer to me (even if it's only a one day event) so I do get to listen to Dale and Joseph Pearce and company in person (although with the price of gas this year that 12 hour round trip will be a whole lot more expensive than the last time).

    We don't have a Chesterton Society in Vermont, but I've been having fun of late discussing the Ballad of the White Horse with a couple of teenagers.


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