Saturday, April 12, 2008

Anti-subsidiarity in Action

We are in Austin, TX, setting up an art show yesterday. We've been doing art shows for 11 years and have done over 300. This was the most unorganized set up ever.

Although, God did provide us with an absolutely gorgeous day to sit around and wait in, which we thanked Him for many times.

And, the long wait, which began at 1PM and ended with us finally getting to bed at midnight, also allowed us to see one of Austin's most unusual tourist attractions. We saw the bats. We were waiting on a bridge that was only one bridge down river from the "Bat" bridge.

The reason this art set up was so anti-subsidiarity was because the people setting up seemed to be working under the assumption that we artists didn't know how to set up, and we needed their help.

The art show also seemed to assume that if given the option, we artists wouldn't understand where to go or how to park our vans and trucks so that the maximum number of people could set up at the same time. So they organized us. And it took forever.

But we are set up, albeit tired, and the show begins today. If we have weather like yesterday, I think we'll all be happy.

Have a great weekend, and if you live near Austin, come by and see us, ok y'all? (that's Texas talk ;-))

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