Friday, February 15, 2008

Want to Review Chesterton Books?

From Mike:
Looking for places to send review copies of Chesterton on War and Peace, I came across what seems to be an excellent provider of book reviewers, the Midwest Book Review. Quite a few libraries use them to discover new books and Amazon quotes them.

Given the volume of submissions, they only review about half the books they get. Chesterton fans with a knack for reviewing might want to volunteer as a reviewer. They'd get free copies of Chesterton books as they come out and have an opportunity to make sure Chesterton books get reviewed as well as to persuade libraries to carry them.

They can contact the editor-in-chief, James Cox.

There are more details.

It'd be a great way to get Chesterton in more libraries.

--Mike Perry, Inkling Books, Seattle

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