Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tony Snow on the Media

H/T: The Anchoress.
I believe GKC would have liked this speech.
We also hear the the First Ammendment is under siege. I think that's true. I don't believe anyone here would disagree with the proposition that the quality of public discourse isn't what it once was or that it presently achieves levels of excellence and depth that it desperately needs to reach.

Yet—while it may be tempting to blame the usual suspects—the government, interest groups, angry factionalists—those forces frequently have always tried to restrict the free flow of ideas, and they always have failed.

They're not the culprits here. Instead, there's a new an unexpected menace on the block: The media.
Although Mr. Snow could use some grammar lessons. "frequently have always"?

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  1. Thanks for noting the speech and reading it so carefully. The "frequently have always" is a product not of poor grammar, but of poor copy editing. The sentence should read, "those forces frequently have tried ..."

    I wish I had caught that before sending the text to The Media Institute.

    -- Tony Snow


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