Monday, November 05, 2007

10th Anniversary Issue Arrived

Yeah, yeah, you probably got yours a week ago. But my mailman reads mine for a week, and then delivers it to me, so I'm always last.

I'm still reading mine. Was there anything in the anniversary issue you particularly wanted to discuss here? I had the most fun, so far, just reading the letters to the editor.

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  1. I'm already up to page 46. There are a couple articles that I skipped to read at a later date, but three stand out in this issue so far: G.K.'s "Highbrows and Humbugs", Mike Foster's "Patches of Godlight" (about C.S. Lewis), and Sara Bowen's "Life with Gilbert" (I love her line, "we need our paper magazines and books, where we can write our 'NO!!!' in the margin and can come back after a time of reflection to the exact same spot of type and annotate why we wrote 'NO!!!,' not "Yes!!!'."

    Interestingly enough, I've only read the last two issues fully cover-to-cover. So, now that the WGA strike is on and the Christmas season is soon upon us, we'll be deluged with warmed over reruns and lame "reality-tv" shows. It'll give me plenty of time to go back through a whole year's worth of past Gilbert issues.

    Well... that and my copy of The Everlasting Man which I ordered last week (along with my GKC ornament which will hang prominently on my Christmas tree).


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