Monday, November 12, 2007

The Remarkable Resolution Rendered by Roberta Riven

I think there is just a tiny bit of alliteration going on with that title. ;-)

James G. "Gerry" Bruen Jr. is a relatively new writer to Gilbert, but each article is a new and interesting fable. The latest, which I'll dub "TRRRRR" for short is an interesting tale of land, possession of land, dispossession of land, reallocation of land, and paradoxical sayings on par with GKC himself. Meetings in local pubs, secretive monks in hot air balloons, beer, ale: what more do you want in a story?


  1. You had me at "secretive monks in hot air balloons."

  2. I read that one to my daughter's boyfriend and he wanted to know if it was a true story. I think he was hoping I'd say yes. I also wish that it were more than just a fable, but it was a great story none the less. We'll turn the bf into a Chestertonian for sure with stories like that.


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