Monday, August 13, 2007

Who is Roy F. Moore?

In a mysterious turn of events, a seret agent has informed the Blogmistress (me) of a thought-provoking mystery(?) in the latest Gilbert magazine. This agent believes the mistake might reveal a pseudonymoninous personage amonst the Gilbert writers.

After all, who is Roy F. Moore? Has anyone ever met him? At a conference, anywhere? Supposedly he wrote a column in this months issue about Distributism. (see page 34). But a careful reading of the Table of Contents either reveals an editing error, or.... (dah, dah, dah--sung in decending ominous-sounding tones) the truth.

I'm off to do laundry and I'll leave you to discuss.


  1. I do not have the magazine with me at present so I cannot check into it further - HOWEVER, I cannot recall his middle initial, but I have met Roy Moore at at least TWO conferences... yes, there is such a person. (Incidentally there have been odd things in other issues where the index has not been completely coordinated with the actual contents. In computing we call these "bugs". I do not know what the term is in printing.)

    At one, an early one at St. Thomas, he and Roy Maynard and I composed the "Ballade of Bosh" in the Chestertonian style... I would have to seek permission from the other poets in order to reprint it.

    Roy is a great Chestertonian, and has written on distributism in previous issues.

    Of course, there may be another Roy Moore, differing by middle initial, or by some other parameter. There could be more. Let us recall there were two Jameses and two Simons and two Judes among the Apostles! It recalls to me Gabriel Syme's "solemn thought" of a crowd of Joseph Chamberlains... hee hee.

    --Dr. Thursday

  2. In computing we call these "bugs". I do not know what the term is in printing.)

    In journalism, it's called the editor had his head up his backside when he did the table of contents. My apologies to Roy Moore (who does exist) and to Dale.

  3. HOWEVER, I cannot recall his middle initial

    Yes, it is Roy F. Moore and he does exist.

  4. OK, I thought maybe Gilbert was trying to pull a fast one, like how there was an actor in the play "The Surprise" which was performed two years ago, his name was listed as "Elad Tsiuqlha" and after two years, I finally figured out it was an anagram for Dalhquist Ale, and someone was making fun of our ale drinking at the conference. I think.

  5. Roy had a radio program for a while, on which he discussed Distributism. It was called "Economic Stimulation," if I remember correctly. He also published a newsletter (I was a subscriber) called "The Distributist," which name I believe he copied from Aidan who at one time published a newsletter with that name.
    ~ Gramps

  6. pseudonymoninous---try saying that five times quickly without error!

  7. Hello, this is me, the person in question. Gen and Gramps were correct.

    BTW, I would ask in your charity to pray for my father, Robert. He is in the hospital right now - 15 August - preparing to undergo gall bladder surgery. He is 75.

    Please pray for a successful operation and recovery for him, and for strength for my mom during this time of trial.

    Thank you all in advance.

  8. Roy! (I knew it, hee hee, just couldn't remember the initial.)

    Good to hear from you - one day we shall again laugh together at Bosh and other matters....

    I shall offer my intentions tomorrow (8/16) at Holy Mass for your father and mother and you.

    God bless you all!
    --Dr. Thursday

  9. Hi Roy!
    Nice to e-meet you, and know that you're a real live person. Who knows a lot about Chesterton and distributism. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    PS, I included your dad in my intentions in last night's prayers and I totally understand as my own father just had the same surgery at 74 1/2. He is doing well now, recovering slowly, but surely. I pray your father does the same.


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