Friday, August 10, 2007

A hot Friday night..

Someone suggested beer, but we've been loading up a truck with art to take early tomorrow morning to an art show, which is something we've done for 10 years, and this year, we've done one every weekend since the beginning of June, and continuing till the end of September. Art is our 4 arces and a cow. We keep a lot of frame, mat, glass and supplies people in business, too. And we pray for the people who buy our work, because they allow us to live this way, which is a good life.

Loading up a truck is hot work, and since we leave early in the morning, now I've got to be off to read to my daughter before she goes to sleep.

I hope you all enjoy this summer weekend.

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  1. Well, Nancy & Michael, since you're too busy to come over to the Inn for a beer to refresh yourselves, we'll bring some to you.

    West Sussex Drinking Song
    They sell good Beer at Haslemere
    And under Guildford Hill.
    At Little Cowfold, as I've been told,
    A beggar may drink his fill:
    There is a good brew in Amberley too,
    And by the bridge also;
    But the swipes they take in at Washington Inn
    Is the very best Beer I know, the very best Beer I know.

    With my here it goes, there it goes,
    All the fun's before us;
    The tipple's aboard and the night is young,
    The door's ajar and the Barrel is sprung,
    I am singing the best song ever was sung
    And it has a rousng chorus.

    If I were what I never could be,
    The master or the squire:
    If you gave me the hundred from here to the sea,
    Which is more than I desire:
    Then all my crops should be barley and hops,
    And should my harvest fail
    I'd sell every rood of mine acres, I would,
    For a bellyful of good Ale, a bellyful of good Ale.

    With my here etc.

    Cheers! :-)


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