Friday, July 13, 2007

Chesterton in the News

At the end of this article on pacifism, HT David Zach.

And also, at the beginning of this article.


  1. Chesterton was quoted as the "Thought for the Week" at the end of this article, which also ran in our local newspaper.

  2. Cool! Chesterton, Chesterton everywhere!

  3. Closer to home... It seems that I cannot turn on EWTN without hearing a speaker quote GK Chesterton. Has anyone else noticed an increase in GKC on EWTN?

    As Dale remarks, "Whatever it is, GKC said something about it, and he said it better than anyone else."

  4. Anyone who wants to be on my daily list of "Chesterton in the News" and "Chesterton in the Blogs" just send me your e-mail address (I'm at and I'll include you in these e-mailings. (BTW they are the basis for the "Chesterton is Everywhere" feature in GM.)
    ~ Gramps

  5. So frequent has his citation become that I actually had a very boring dream in which he was quoted in an article about jurisprudence.


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