Monday, June 25, 2007


Here are Alicia and I proving that we were at the conference. ;-)

I was just telling some relatives over the weekend that one thing I noticed about the Chesterton Conference is that there is a lot of laughter. I told them I laugh more there in one day than at home usually in many weeks. And since laughter is good medicine, I feel the need to tell all of you planning to come next year, that the Chesterton Conference is good for your health. ;-)


  1. Yes, I've head from those who know (that means Dale!) that with our new and LARGER location across campus, next year at ChesterCon08 we will have special patrols to ensure that everyone "takes himself lightly" - it being the 100th anniversary of Orthodoxy.

    Note that this quote is often mangled - Dale likes to say that since GKC often misquoted others, we do him the honour of misquoting him. Be that as it may: I happen to know about these "patrols" - I saw them on my way to this year's conference, and only the lack of my trusty camera prevented me from getting a snapshot of their cruisers.

    So, be sure that you CAN "take yourself lightly". Don't "fall by force of gravity". Practice laughing now.

    Just to get you started, here's something funny I just read last night:

    "I think the greatest need in books today is one to briefly review all of man's knowledge so up to now so we can get on with learning new things."


    "When winter comes, trees store all their sap away in trunks they keep for the occasion."

    I have LOTS more of these, if you are feeling humour-deprived.

  2. It was a pleasure to be there with all of you. I think it's likely we'll return next year. Maybe we'll even manage to attend the banquet - certainly if Ria has anything to do with it. :)


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