Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dawn Eden on the Conference


  1. This was our first ACS conference and was well worth the travel to St. Paul. I have read several books by Chesterton and enjoyed them but have never had an opportunity to discuss them with anyone yet. Most people that I talk to just smiled. My wife Priscilla has read a few of the Father Brown stories and enjoed them. My reading was limited to orthodoxy, What's Wrong with the World, the Everlasting Man, Father Brown stories and Lepanto (my personal favorite).
    We enjoyed the conference and was so happy that the "big" names were so friendly and kind to us.
    We were like ducks out of water but enjoy learning.
    I spent more than planned on books and Priscilla has insisted that I will read everyone of them. That should be fun but may mean I have to retire from all other things.
    We look forward to more exposure to Chesterton.

    Meeting Adian, Dave, Dawn, Peter, Joseph and others was fantastic and real.

    In Christ peace, JohnMichael

  2. So glad you came, JohnMichael, and it sounds like it was a good experience.

    And one of the reasons we have this conference is just for the reason you said: the need to talk about Chesterton with others who've read him.

    Peace to you and Pricilla, and hope to meet you next year.


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