Saturday, June 02, 2007

Dress Code at a Chesterton Conference

I had an e-mail asking about dress code at the conference. Some folks who've never attended wondering if they need to rent tuxes or bring the burmuda shorts.

During the conference itself, people are everything from casual, to business casual, to suit and tie. It depends on what you are comfortable wearing while sitting in an auditorium for hours listening to exciting speakers. Most people dress modestly and tend toward the business casual, keeping in mind that it can get quite warm inside the hall where there are books, and quite cool in the auditorium itself. I usually dress lightly, and bring a sweater or light jacket to put on in the auditorium, which I find is usually quite cool.

For the closing banquet, however, most people dress up. Suits and dresses seem to be the norm there.

If I've left any information out or missed anything, people who've attended, please chime in and help me out.


  1. Capes, floppy hats, pince-nez, and sword canes are commonly seen on the well-dressed man.

  2. "and quite cool in the auditorium itself."

    You must have forgotten Friday night during last year's conference, when, during the performance of The Surprise, the auditorium turned into a steam bath.

    Understandable. You're probably supressing bad memories. ;-)

  3. No, Chestertonian. I was so enraptured by the performance that I didn't notice the temperature that night.

    I think that happened because we were filled to capacity with some standing. That was amazing, that night, and a great performance, which you'll all get to see some day when EWTN airs it in 2008.


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