Friday, April 13, 2007

Conference Schedule Up

Check it out. The registration form should be available early next week. Plan to come! Especially to that Friday morning, the first talk there, wow, that sounds interesting.

Aidan! Dawn! Peter! Dale! Joseph! Gosh, I can't wait to hear them all, meet them all, re-meet them. Are YOU coming? It won't be the same unless you're invited.

But if you can't come, know that I will, as I did last year, be blogging daily from the conference, to help you feel, as it were, "there".


  1. "Especially to that Friday morning, the first talk there, wow, that sounds interesting."

    You mean Robert's talk?


  2. Yes, I meant the warm up for Robert's talk.


  3. Oh yeah, that one. It looks good too!


    Actually, it all looks great. Every year I say "it can't get any better than this." But it does indeed get better every year.

  4. I have to graduate from university instead of going to the conference.

    Lame. :-(

  5. Also:

    "Jorge Iglesias: Chesterton and Borges"

    My dismay at missing this is complete, Nancy.


  6. Sorry, Nick, but Congratulations are in order, and for the grant, who-hoo!

    Send us another message I can read at the Dinner...if you'd like. A short message ;-) (a couple sentences?)

    Same goes for anyone else who can't make it. Send me an e-mail (addresson the left side bar).

  7. Nick, you'll also miss Peter Floriani's session on heraldry. My suggestion for a jumping-off point is this Chesterton's opinion on bacon and eggs: "They ought to be quartered on the Royal Arms: three pigs passant and three poached eggs on a chevron."

    --Tales of the Long Bow, "The Unobtrusive Traffic of Captain Pierce"


    (by Chestertonian)

  8. I had to start a new blogger account because for some darn reason it no longer accepted my password or username.

    I blame anarchists.


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