Thursday, June 15, 2006


OK, I've only just arrived, and I've already made a fool of myself twice.

But first, I should tell you that arriving this afternoon, my third year, was so fun, because I knew where I was going and what I was doing.

Second, because I finished my speech, and it turned out pretty good.

Third, I got a warm welcome already from Dale Alhquist "Mr. Chesterton" himself, and an even warmer welcome from Dr. Peter Floriani, a frequent poster on this blog, who finally got to meet my family. He looks great, and has a robust laughter that is just so contagious!

Also said Hi to Sean Dailey, our "Chestertonian" on the blog, and editor of Gilbert, he met the family, too.

So, my first embarrassment was that I couldn't get my room key to work. I finally humbled myself to ask for help, and a young person comes and instantly opens the door. I felt old and silly.

Then I got in my room, and pretty much first thing I turned on my computer, and.....YES!....there is wireless in this dorm room! Yeah for small pleasures. So, I get on my browser, and St. Thomas comes up and they want a user name and password. I call IT support, and while they have me on hold looking for guest log in passwords, I see a tiny button at the bottom of the screen which says "guests sign in here" so I do and before the guy can get me off "HOLD" here I am. I had to apologize to him, too.

My girls want to come back tomorrow night and see the play "The Surprise" (I see a number of you were searching for the text of that play in the last few days...could it be the conference made you wonder about it? Yes!) and even though it is late, I think they should. That would be such fun. My younger one said she was going to memorize The Ballad of the White Horse so she could come to the conference, but I told her that since another girl has that one, why shouldn't she take Lepanto? So, she started saying....Dim drums throbbing on the hills half heard....

OH! There are books, books, books! There are several vendors in the vendor hall all set up, and I've already seen several books on my wish list, so my next thing is to go buy some things that I have to have. One of the vendors is Sean's mom and dad who run St. John Fisher Forum Catholic Bookstore, which received an "Excellent" score at the Catholic Culture site review.

OK, I've got to go say HI to more friends old and new, and check out the books. Every year, I end up with a much heavier suitcase than when I came here.

UPDATE: We just had a meeting of the bloggers. Dr. Thursday, Sheila, and John are here! I'll try to get a picture.


  1. Thank you, Mrs. Brown:)

    Have fun!

    & don't forget...



  2. I shall try my best to sneeze in an obvious way.

    However, I did giggle tonight, and clap. Mr. Ahlquist knows how to be funny.

  3. Well, if you are successful, among other things, you will be blessed abundantly:)

    I agree, Dale Ahlquist can be very funny.

    His new book will probably be entered into the library system about the same time as yours...

    Can't wait!


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